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Papermill Odors Plaguing Michigan Residents

by Zakariah Johnson

Upper Michigan is reporting ( that odors from the Escanaba Paper Company in Escanaba, Michigan have been bothering residents for two months, since July of this year.  The mill’s spokesperson cited its wastewater treatment plant as the source of the problem and said that they are adding a chemical to the water to try […]

Neighbors seek odor relief from Wilmington food compost center

by Zakariah Johnson is reporting that neighbors are complaining of odors from the Wilmington Organic Recycling Center near the Port of Wilmington. Deleware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has fined Peninsula Composting Company LLC $25,000 for prohibited wastes, storing wastes outside approved areas, piles exceeding state size limits and inadequate cash reserves for properly shutting […]

Pheasant Run Landfill Odor Complaints

by Zakariah Johnson

Kenosha News is reporting that citizens of Paris Wisconsin are complaining of odors coming from the Pheasant Run Landfill. Town Chairman Virgil Gentz is investigating the cause of the odors. In general, a nuisance odor is an odor that substantially interferes with the use and enjoyment of one’s property. While we do not represent anyone at […]

Overloaded New Jersey Recycling Plant Causes Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

ABC News 13 is reporting that the Curbside Recycling plant in Woodfin, New Jersey, has recently developed problems in its ability to control odors emanating from the facility.  The plant recently took on extra materials.  Apparently there is a towering pile of recyclables that is emitting an odorous stink that is unbearable at times for […]

Odor Impacting Lake Alfred Florida Neighborhood

by Zakariah Johnson

Bay News 9 has reported that a stench has Lake Alfred residents holding their noses. According to the story “Lake Alfred residents say there’s an odor that’s so bad in their neighborhood it’s keeping them indoors.” Residents believe the smell is coming from the Florida Caribbean Distillers plant. Apparently the Bay News 9 crew found it […]