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Max Environmental fined $67,800 for noxious odors

by Zakariah Johnson

According to Max Environmental Technologies who owns an industrial waste storage and treatment facility in Yukon, PA has been fined $67,800 for noxious odors blowing off site. The news story states that “Norvelt District Judge Roger Eckels found MAX Environmental Technologies guilty of violating a township ordinance prohibiting noxious odors from blowing off the site […]

Heartland Biogas Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

According to a story on Denver 7 neighbors who live near the Heartland Biogas Project east of La Salle, Colorado are complaining of noxious odors from the biogas project.  We represent homeowners across the country who have lost the use and enjoyment of their property because of nuisance noxious odors from commercial waste facilities. If your […]