WDDE  and WHYY  are both reporting that Peninsula Compost in Wilmington, Delaware is facing allegations that it’s violating its operating permit.  The allegations have stemmed as a result of odor emissions from the facility, as well as over-sized waste piles and the fact that waste was being kept outside of permitted areas.  Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control recently issued a fine and an order for the company to address the problems.  A spokesman for the company blamed the odors on other sources besides the facility but did note that there is a 24-hour hotline for odor complaints.  The DNREC has stated that the company has been failing to fix violations since as far back as May of 2012.  The new order is requiring the violations to be remedied within 35 days.

While I do not represent anyone at this site, I along with co-counsel represent over 600 individuals in Washington state impacted by odors emitted from commercial composting facilities. To find out how we can help, email environmental attorney Zak Johnson at zjohnson@zjohnsonlaw.com.