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Blue Ridge Landfill Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

According to the Community Impact Newspaper the TCEQ has cited the Blue Ridge Landfill for nuisance odor violations.  The story states that  more than 1,700 odor complaints were filed with the TCEQ as of Nov. 1. The Pasadena Patch reported that “many of those complaints came from residents in or near the Shadow Creek Ranch, a […]

Max Environmental fined $67,800 for noxious odors

by Zakariah Johnson

According to Max Environmental Technologies who owns an industrial waste storage and treatment facility in Yukon, PA has been fined $67,800 for noxious odors blowing off site. The news story states that “Norvelt District Judge Roger Eckels found MAX Environmental Technologies guilty of violating a township ordinance prohibiting noxious odors from blowing off the site […]

Heartland Biogas Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

According to a story on Denver 7 neighbors who live near the Heartland Biogas Project east of La Salle, Colorado are complaining of noxious odors from the biogas project.  We represent homeowners across the country who have lost the use and enjoyment of their property because of nuisance noxious odors from commercial waste facilities. If your […]

Foul Odor Blankets Orlando Neighborhood

by Zakariah Johnson Click Orlando reports that the City of Kissimmee hired an environmental engineering company to conduct an odor evaluation around the Affordable Bio Feedstock plant, after complaints from residents about noxious odors on their properties.  The results of the study linked the plant to the odors, and the owner has admitted to the problem. We […]

Apex Landfill Odors Steubenville, Ohio

by Zakariah Johnson

Ohio Department of Health Department to monitor odors weekly coming from the Apex Sanitary Landfill in Steubenville, Ohio The Herald Star reported on March 28, 2014 that the Jefferson County Health Department will monitor the perimeter and hot spots at the Apex Sanitary Landfill on a weekly basis. According to the story, the Jefferson County […]

Palmer Alaska Landfill Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

The Palmer fire department and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation are investigating.  According to the news story  the “Initial investigation indicates the smell is either steam being released from decaying building materials, or smoke from materials buried there that are on fire there, according to various sources contacted for the story.” In my experience, and […]

Oberlin Ohio Landfill Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

Residents in Oberlin, Ohio deal with both trash and odors from landfill Cleveland is reporting that Ohio EPA is working with the owners of an Oberlin, Ohio landfill on abating the odors which have permeated into residential properties.  Meanwhile, residents like Ron Novak and Carole Keynon are continuing to voice their concerns for their […]

Odors Reported From 110 Sand Company Landfill Near Melville New York

by Zakariah Johnson

News 12 Long Island is reporting that residents in Plainview, New York had to leave their homes because of the noxious odors coming from the 110 Sand Company Landfill.   While I do not currently represent anyone in Long Island, New York, I have represented hundreds of hundreds of people similarly situated throughout the United […]

Grimm’s Fuel Company Odors in Tualatin, Oregon

by Zakariah Johnson

The Oregonian is reporting that neighbors of the Grimm’s Fuel Company composting facility in Tualatin, Oregon, are raising concerns about its possible expansion into composting.  The facility is hoping to be able to compost residential food waste if a curbside pickup program is implemented.  However, some residents fear the additional odor problems that would create, […]

Los Angeles Oil Field Air Quality and Odors

by Zakariah Johnson

USC’s newspaper, the Daily Trojan, is reporting ( concern is mounting about the air quality and safety of South Los Angeles residents in light of emissions from a nearby oil field owned by Allenco Energy Co.  The oil field increased its production by 400% in 2010 and since then air quality officials have received 251 […]